The "HEMA" convenience store is more or less in the middle of IJmuiden. Distance from the Felison Cruise Terminal is approx. 4 kilometers and from the Felison Terminal approx. 2.6 kilometers. Have a look on our maps to see where you are and where to go.
The berth of all the cruise ships visiting Cruise Port IJmuiden is indicated on the cruise calendar. The exact locations of the terminal can be found here.
Yes, both the Felison Terminal and Felison Cruise Terminal can easily be reached bij public transport. For more information see this page.
No, not anymore. The only form of public transport is the public buses that run regularly throughout the region. Keep in mind that you can't pay in cash on the buses!
Yes, there is a large (gated and secured) parking lot on the premises of the Felison Cruise Terminal. The rate is € 15,00 per car, per day. reservations can be made in advance.
There is a large taxi stand in front of the Felison Cruise Terminal and on the days when cruise ships arrive there are usually many taxis available. However, the demand may be (much) greater than the supply causing waiting times. The taxi stand is public and therefore not regulated nor controlled by the cruise terminal.
In general taxis are quite expensive in The Netherlands. A ride (one way) from one of IJmuiden's cruise terminals to the heart of Amsterdam may easily cost around 80 Euro. So, it can be smart to share the ride with others. Normal taxis take a maximum of 4 people and the minibuses 6 or 8 people. These minibuses charge a (slightly) higher fare than regular taxis.
Some (but most certainly not all!) cruise lines offer this service for free of for a small fee. In case there's no shuttle service, you can use the public busses or a taxi to go to town. In case there is a (free) shuttle service, at usually stops at the "HEMA" convenience store in the middel of IJmuiden.
Yes, you can if you're lucky enough to be invited for a ship visit by a cruise line, touroperator of maybe even by the captain. In all other cases it's a clear "no, you can't".
Maps of Amsterdam, Haarlem and IJmuiden and information brochures are available for free at the information desk inside the Felison Cruise Terminal. The staff members at the information desk are multi-lingual and will do their very best to answer all your questions.
No, unfortunately there is not. You can find the location of the nearest ATM's on our map.
Yes, you can send an email to cruise@kvsa.nl or call during office hours on weekdays. The number is +31 255 54 54 54
Of course you can! Just send us an email and we will be most happy to help you out, if we can!