Sponsors & friends

As you can see there are very few advertisements on our website as this whole project has been “privately sponsored” (quite frankly, by two persons only!) from the very beginning.

In the very near future however, some more small advertisements and paid contributions may appear as maintaining this website and keeping it online turned out to be quite expensive. Yes, it got even a bit beyond the available budget!

Luckily for us, the “Data and Intelligence” department of KVSA BV Royal United Ship Agencies has spontaneously offered to take care of the web hosting of our website and we get some free technical support from their side as well. Really great because this reduces the annual costs considerably!

However, there remains a need to raise some funds because we would like to place all our activities in a foundation in the near future. And yes, establishing a foundation involves substantial costs, for example for the notary.

So, our goal is to find sufficient resources to implement our plans (in the short term) and you can help with that by making a donation as a “friend of Cruise Port IJmuiden” or by paying a small amount as a sponsor to place one or more advertisements on our website.

Your support also helps to keep this website “up and running” in the coming years!

So, if you are interested in cooperating with us, please drop us a line. We are open to any good idea!