We -the people behind Cruise Port IJmuiden– have more than three decades of experience with all kinds of cruises and we do know how important it is to have a lot of good and up-to-date information about the ports and cities that will be visited during a cruise. IJmuiden is the third largest cruise port in The Netherlands and has a lot to offer, especially due to the unique location on the shores of the North Sea but at the same time, adjacent to the very heart of the low lands. Indeed, IJmuiden is your ideal starting point to explore a wonderful piece of Holland!

Almost all the major tourist attractions and cities in The Netherlands have a website nowadays but sometimes it may be very hard to find what you’re looking for, especially if you don’t speak Dutch and don’t know your way around (yet) in the low lands. The idea behind the website is to bring a lot of the available information together and to create a real gateway to the low lands. We do hope all this information will help you to get around in an easy way so you can enjoy Cruise Port IJmuiden and surroundings at its fullest!

We do not pretend to know “everything” nor the be “complete” in our information (on the contrary!) but as we are “locals”, we do know where to go and how to get around in the area in a comfortable and affordable way. We check the public transportation and all the places mentioned on a regular basis as we try to keep all the information on this website “up to date”.

This website is a private, non-profit initiative and is more or less an “endless project” as we keep on changing and updating this website, as well as adding more and more information and links to other interesting websites. Your ideas, comments and suggestions are -of course- more than welcome and highly appreciated; you’ll find our contact information here and our disclaimer here.

All this information is brought to you for free (made possible by our friends, sponsors and by investing many hours of free time) and we do hope this will be helpful to make your stay in Cruise Port IJmuiden and in the low lands into a great experience.