The Netherlands has a 250 kilometer long, unique coastline with clean and safe beaches surrounded by beautiful dune areas with special flora and fauna. Each beach has its own character and charm and for many people from both neighboring countries and The Netherlands, the beaches and seaside resorts are important and popular destinations during all seasons.

Unknown to the general public is that IJmuiden has one of the most beautiful and widest beaches in the country. The main beach is called IJmuiderstrand and is just a 10 minutes walk away from the Felison Cruise Terminal. If you come to IJmuiden by cruise ship, this is a great place to hang out on a hot summer day!

The IJmuiderstrand is the widest beach in the Netherlands and it is clean, child-friendly and above all safe. The water is also of excellent quality and very suitable for swimming and various water sports. During the summer months, professional lifeguards (all volunteers of the famous Dutch Reddingsbrigade) ensure safety on the beach and in the water.

Along the edge of the beach you have numerous cosy beach restaurants where you can eat and drink. Many of these pavilions are open all year round and are also nice places to go on colder days out of season. In the summer months, windscreens and sunbeds are also available for rent on the beach. You may also see typical trailers (pulled by old agricultural tractors) on the beach where you can buy fried fish and seafood, ice cream or cold drinks.

The beaches of IJmuiden are really a hidden gem because even on the warmest and sunniest days in summer it’s never overcrowded and the atmosphere is always friendly. Dogs are not allowed! The contrast with the nearby and more famous beaches of Bloemendaal aan Zee and Zandvoort is therefore enormous.

Next to the beach of IJmuiden you will also find the south pier, which extends no less than 2.5 kilometers into the sea. Nice for a walk and also known for the special birds that you can often see here. With a bit of luck you will also see a seal or maybe even a porpoise!

If you are a bit more adventurous and want to be nicely bronzed without annoying tan lines, you can also continue to the large and tranquil nudist beach of IJmuiden, known for its relaxed atmosphere. There are no facilities on this part of the beach so you have to bring your own food and drinks. However, you can leave your swimwear at home (or at the ship you’re traveling on).