Are you starting your journey in Cruise Port IJmuiden this season? Here is some information to guide your through your embarkation day.

  • Lots of passengers come to Cruise Port IJmuiden on their own and unfortunately we have seen quite a few of them in the previous seasons ending up at the wrong place (wrong terminal) or even in another city. Please take good notice of the information about the location of both the cruise terminals in IJmuiden.
  • General rule: if you can’t see (the funnel of) the ship you will be sailing on, there’s a 99% chance you’re at the wrong location! If you are coming by taxi, don’t let it drive away if your are not completely sure your are at the right terminal!
  • If you are coming with your own car, you can follow these directions to get to the right place and you can also reserve parking space in advance.

But well, of course you made it to the right starting point of your journey so let’s start boarding now!

  • Passengers boarding a cruise ship at the Felison Cruise Terminal are encouraged to check all travel documents before arriving at the terminal to avoid unnecessary waiting for yourself and for other guests. Also, don’t come to the terminal before the check-in time stated on your documents.
  • Baggage can be checked upon arrival at the cruise terminal, for direct delivery to your accommodation on board. When checking your baggage, please clearly indicate which stateroom / cabin / suite you will be in. You can use the luggage tags which you got with your travel documents. If you don’t have these, ask the terminal staff / porters for tags. They will be most happy to assist you.
  • Please make sure that your passports,  medication and valuables are not packed in your checked baggage but in your carry-on luggage.
  • The same goes for beauty cases, laptops and other more fragile items; keep it with you so it will not be damaged!
  • Once your baggage is checked, cruise line staff will direct you to the cruise line (pre-)check-in area, which is located in the main hall of the Felison Cruise Terminal. Cruise line staff members will verify identification and boarding documentation.
  • In case you have to wait, you can make yourself comfortable in the waiting area / lounge on the mezzanine of the terminal. Overhere you will find clean toilets, a large seating area and a coffee corner (serving hot and cold drinks and light snacks). If you like, you can go outside on the balcony and take the first great picture of the vessel you will be sailing on soon.
  • Smoking is allowed on the balcony of the main terminal building.
  • You can als use free high-speed WiFi which is available throughout the terminal building.
  • Please make sure that you don’t leave any of your belongings unattended, not even for a brief moment!
  • Once passengers are ready to board, you must go through the passenger screening area, which is located at the ground floor of the terminal. Cruise line staff will inform you where to go. You may also find boarding information on the television screens.
  • After passing the security screening area, your passport or European identification card may be checked (depending on the next port of the ship) by immigration/police officers, in The Netherlands called “Koninklijke Marechaussee”. Please be patient if you have to wait for a little while and respect the privacy of your fellow passengers.
  • There is also a chance that your belongings will be checked by customs officers (“Douane”).
  • For reasons of security, passengers are not allowed to walk on the quay on some embarkation days. Comfortable busses will take you in that case (in less than two minutes) from the terminal straight to the gangway of the ship.
  • The ship’s staff will give you a more than warm welcome and will guide your through the remaining part of the boarding process and escort you to your accommodation on board.
  • Upon disembarkation (if your cruise ends in Cruise Port IJmuiden), baggage can be claimed in the baggage area in the cruise terminal. The staff of your cruise ship will give you detailed instructions before your disembarkation starts and will provide you with color-coded luggage tags.